We rehearse on a Monday night, at St Matthias & St George Church Hall in Astwood Bank, Redditch, from September to the production, starting at 7.30pm and finishing no later than 10.00pm. If you have a principal role, you will be expected to attend on Wednesdays as well, when required.

We have a break during the evening, when you will have the opportunity to buy a drink. This break gives you time to chat to everyone and get to know people. Notices are often read out at this time, as well as being displayed on the notice board.

The first few rehearsals are normally dedicated to learning the music, before trying to stage it, so please bring a pencil to make notes. Scores can be borrowed or bought from the Secretary.

Reading music is not essential, as you will be taught the notes during these rehearsals, however it can be an advantage. Attendance at rehearsals is expected, unless there is a genuine reason for your absence (eg. sickness, holidays). This ensures continuity and is less disruptive to the rest of the company when teamwork is an essential part of a successful production, ie. dance routines and interaction in chorus scenes.

Any newcomer will be expected to take a voice test so that they can be placed in the appropriate section of the chorus. This will be done privately by the Musical Director and a committee member after a few rehearsals. You do not have to learn anything to do this.

If you wish to audition for a principal role in the next show, the dates of these auditions are announced at the first rehearsal, and the details and set pieces can be obtained from the Musical Director and/or Producer.

There is an annual membership fee, payable before you audition or at the latest by December of each year, and a weekly subscription which can be paid on each Monday, or in advance if you prefer. This is payable even for rehearsals that you might miss. Please speak to the membership secretary for current rates. This covers rehearsal room costs, as well as costumes and the general running of the Society.

When you decide to become a member, you will be given a copy of the Constitution to keep. Please read this carefully as it contains all the other information you may require, regarding the rules of the Society.

We always welcome new members – so why not get in touch, or start things off by completing the Membership Application Form and sending it to our Secretary.

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We are an Amateur Operatic Society, specialising in Gilbert and Sullivan and Victorian/Edwardian Light Opera/Operetta, as well as making an occasional foray into Musical Comedy.